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BUS121 Entrepreneur Project 1/10/14

This project is intended to introduce you to the world of small business and its many challenges through the eyes of an entrepreneur. This assignment is worth 100 points.

Label your assignment with your name, date, class and section number (i.e. BUS121-004 or BUS121-007), and the assignment name. In business, it’s important to communicate within the constraints laid out. For this assignment, you must work within the length requirements of at least 2 and no more than 3 pages (a cover page or supporting material taken during the interview are not included in this page count). Alter font size, margins, and condense content as needed. Staple your report. You will lose points for not following these requirements.

You’ll need to find and connect with an entrepreneur. This entrepreneur should not be a relative. By definition, an entrepreneur is a person who risks time and money to start and manage a new business.

You should interview this person and then summarize that interview in a written report. Be sure to state the name of the entrepreneur, the name and address (or contact info) of the business (even if now closed), and the type of business (be specific!) the person owns. Additionally, tell me how you found your entrepreneur and describe the specific products and/or services the business provides. Attach a business card as well as any other information you might obtain (e.g. a carryout menu if you are interviewing an entrepreneur in the restaurant business).

During the interview, at a minimum, you should ask the following questions, but you are encouraged to ask additional questions to follow up on answers to these questions. Doing this will make your interview and the time you spend with this person more valuable for you. Once you conduct the interview, use what you learned to write...
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