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Can you ever imagine not having homework again and actually having a life away from school in your own environment? The point i'm trying to get to is i believe that students should get a lot less homework, or infact no homework overall. Did you know that roughly 30% of students in the US reportedly spend 2 or more hours on homework each night? Why should we have to slave away in school for 7 straight hours which is 240 minutes or 25,200 seconds and then get another 2 hours of homework.

Don’t lie teachers we’ve all heard you complaining how you go home and mark homework for hours and hours and hours, wouldn’t you rather go home spend time with your loved ones? Also you sometimes moan at us students for not handing it on time, not being done at all or even it not being done correctly. Moaning at us students then breaks the teacher - student relationship which means that in some cases students then decide to switch off from the class.Learning how to do something from a piece of paper with questions on it is a lot harder than learning from a human being which can properly explain how you do it.

Sometimes we even get so much homework each night that we have to stay up late in the evenings (10/11/12 pm), all people under 18 are required a 8-12 hour sleeping time, and if they don't get that time then it can stun the teenagers growth also not enough sleep can make the teenagers stressed out and when that happens it can lead to other significant things like slipping grades, depression and even unhealthy eating habits. On the subject of being unhealthy, how does this school expect us to have the healthiest month ever, when we have no time to do activities out of school to stay fit and healthy.

Nelson Mandela once said “after climbing a great hill, one only finds there are more hills to climb” i decided to use this quote because this is sometimes how i feel about my homework because no matter how much homework we finish there will always be more homework, the next...
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