Topics: Feeling, Full-time, Music Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Dena Balderrama
SPCH 1315
3 Object Speech Outline
Growing up as the oldest sister in my family, without a father figure and always helping my mother taking care of my brother and sister and with the house work makes me a busy girl. Also going to school and having a part time job definitely makes me a very active and busy person, I consider myself like that, I am always doing something throughout the day. Sometimes is hard for me as a student to have this life style, I am sure is the same situation for most of the people in this room, but is always important to make some time for ourselves, to do the things that we really like and enjoy doing in order to release some of our stress.


I. Object I - Oil Pastels
a. Why you chose the object (Example: Committed to studies, med school) Like arts I chose these Oil pastels because since I remember I really like art, especially painting, I don’t do it professionally, but I really enjoy doing it. b. It’s significance (Example: Childhood hospital experience) Is a hobby that I always had, painting, mixing colors and coming up with new ideas to paint. I have lots of different of my painting at my room. c. Why it represents you (Example: Surgeon) It represents me because it is the way to express how I am felling at the moment I am painting.

II. Object II Book
d. Why you chose the object – I enjoy reading fiction and fantasy stories, especially love ones. They are very romantic. e. It’s significance- My mother used to read to me and my brother before going to bed, so reading fiction stories is another of my hobbies. f. Why it represents you- It represents me because reading is another way for me to release stress.

III. Object II I pod and headphones
g. Why you chose the object- I love listening to the music I like while I read or paint. h. It’s significance- I listen to music every day, I play...
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