Topics: Rooms, Color, Kindergarten Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: August 7, 2014
As an adult the sights, sounds and smells of a pre-school classroom remind me of my own past experiences, but appear so very

distant. It wasn't until I entered that classroom a month ago when everything came back to me. The smell of clay, the social order

of things, the play patterns, the sporadic thoughts of my childhood came rolling back as I watched these children at play.

In may I visited "Anne Campbell Early Learning Center,  a pre-school located in Murfreesboro on sight of Mtsu. Upon my

arrival to the school my attention was immediately captured by the multiple use of vibrant colors on the inside walls of the school.

As I walked in I came across the front desk and introduced myself to the assistant director, Trisha, whom I had scheduled my

appointment with then escorted me to the orientation room and after I watched a video and read about the different children she

then showed me around the school. As I walked around I looked in the different rooms that went by color. I noticed that in each

room the main color was the whole theme. As I was there I volunteered and observed in the green room. While I was there I

learned the different techniques used in that class and the schedule. Each room had at least two teachers and most seemed to know

sign language as it was used day to day in each class setting. At first the kids seemed a little shy towards me, they did seem to be


The type of setting is a very warm and welcoming environment. This classroom environment prepared the children for

kindergarten with charts of numbers, days of the week, and shapes the children's names were placed in an individual section of on

the cubby shelf for their blankets. The room had a variety of bright colors which display a parent information board, daily

schedule, labeled learning centers and supplies and also the walls had many pictures of the children creative art work. The room is

arranged with...
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