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There were several special populations that I found to be interesting. These populations include children with learning disabilities, overweight children, childhood diabetes, people with illnesses due to nervous system disorders, and abused women. After carefully looking at all these different topics I decided on people with illnesses due to nervous system disorders.

All the populations listed above have affected my life in one way or another. There is only one that I have to live with on a daily bases. I have an illness due to a nervous system disorder. Day by day I have to live with the effects o multiple sclerosis. The interest in this area comes from me wanting to know as much about this disease as possible. For me knowledge is power when it comes to multiple sclerosis. Learning as much about this illness as I can helps me to be able to stay healthy. In learning things about how to eat and exercise has slowed the progression of my illness. The knowledge that I have gained has prevented me from having an episode for eleven years.

When a person gets an illness like multiple sclerosis that person may feel like no one understands how they are feeling. Having multiple sclerosis I better understand the emotions that the person may be having. Many people try to say they understand how you are feeling but how can they if they do not have the illness. When people say they understand and do not have the illness it sometimes feels like they are having pity on you because you are sick. In having multiple sclerosis I can truly say to the client I understand how they are feeling.

With case management you can provide the clients with information about the illness. A case manager would also be able to help the client get any assistance they may need to get medical help. The case manager can also provide the client with other organizations that deal

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with people that have this...
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