Special Population Interview

Topics: Gay, LGBT, Homosexuality Pages: 6 (406 words) Published: June 25, 2015
Special population
Irene Antunez

What is your view on your
culture including both
strength and weakness?
One of the gay culture is the willingness
to be able to speak out and be brave
enough to confront people that try to
degrade us for being gay. We believe in
what we fight for, and some of us have
died for the dream of being able to be as
equal as everybody else. Our weakness is
not being able to reach out to everybody.
Unfortunately, we cannot have the
support of every person that opposes us,
so we struggle gaining the equality we
deserve, but recently people have started
noticing that we are as human as anybody
else and it's helped the gay community
earn tolerance and acceptance

Have you ever experience prejudice? If so what
have done to manage it?

Yes, I have. Unfortunately
from my own family. I've
learned trying to change
somebody else's beliefs or
ways of thought is like
asking a narcissistic person
to stop thinking about themself. All I can do is move on
and hope that one day my
family will accept me for
who I am, and it should not
and will not affect my
ambition for the best for
myself. If I don't love myself,
nobody else will.

What do you believe would
be important for a human
service provider to know
about your population?

What service do you
believe will be
helpful in today

I think it would be
important to know
that we aren't any
different than
anybody else. Being
gay is not a choice,
and a lot of
heterosexual people
need to understand

More acceptance and
tolerance for each
other regardless of
sexual orientation,
religion, race,
ethnicity, and skin
color. We need to stop
judging and
because it only causes
more social problems

Has the different type of languages affected
you to connect with your culture?

I don't think there's been any difficulty
communicating with the LGBT community
because the majority of LGBT people in the
United States speak English.

Have you experienced discrimination if
so how has it affected you physically or

And yes, I've experienced
discrimination, like I said, by
family, and by many members of
the churches I used to go to. It
hasn't affected me physically nor
will it ever, and mentally, it's just
made me a stronger person
because I can depend on myself a
lot easier.

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