Special Olympics

Topics: Non-profit organization, The Camp, World Pages: 2 (359 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Topic: Special Olympics
General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the Special Olympics Central Idea: We are all equal, no matter what our independent differences may be.

a.People with intellectual disabilities are people with a unique gift. b.The Special Olympics help them to develop skills, build self-esteem, experience happiness, and participate in sharing gifts. c.Special Olympics started in 1963 as a day camp for people with intellectual disabilities. d.The purpose of the camp was to help explore their capabilities through a variety of sports and physical activities. e.There are different types of sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. II.Body

a.What are the Special Olympics?
b.It is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals with intellectual disabilities to become physical fit and give them more self- confidence. c.It provides them the chance to show the world that they are capable of achieving their goals. d.Each competition is designed for athletes to compete with other athletes who have the similar ability in equal divisions. III.Where is the Special Olympics hosted and what sports are played? a.Special Olympics southern California is part of a global movement that serves three million athletes in more the 170 counties. b.Special Olympics offer about 12 sports but depending on the state it could be different. c.There are two sport seasons spring/summer which is aquatics, track and field, and basketball just to name a few. For fall/winter, the sports include bowling, floor hockey, and softball. IV.Who oversees the “business” aspect of the Special Olympics? a.Special Olympics are led by a senior team who has experience in the corporate and nonprofit world. b.There are seven regional offices around the world that support the growth and development of the program. c.Staff, volunteers, and board members work 365 days a year to try and bring Special...
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