Special Offenders

Topics: Prison, Psychiatry, Mental disorder Pages: 3 (734 words) Published: May 12, 2014
As more inmates are found guilty and are given prison sentences the prison system has to focus on separating special needs offenders. This separation is necessary to insure safety and balance within the facility. The special needs population can affect both the state and federal level of incarceration because they must gather accurate date. Putting offenders with different needs together can lead to violence issues among inmates. There is also an increase possibility of mental and emotion strain on all ready unstable prisoners Correctional agencies today face many serious management problems that they did not have in the past as a result of the increasing proportion of the correctional population that may be termed as special offenders. The increasing number and percentage of the population that are drug offenders, mentally ill offenders, violent offenders, sex offenders, older offenders, or those with an infectious disease create significant problems of control, treatment, and provision of services (Seiter, 2011). Controlling prisoner behavior is important because segregating offenders prevents harm to self and others. If prisons did not have the equipment and staff to handle special offenders many would be in a mental institution. Prisons have limitations on how they can treat an individual; they still provide a valuable service. This prison did not have the equipment to attend to the mentally ill, mental institutions would be overcrowded. Also, if the state and federal programs to help restore special offenders were unavailable, inmates would not be able to grow and learn from their mistakes. Saint Louis City Jail provides an excellent program called “City of St. Louis Jail Diversion Project” (which helps inmates that are released). This program assists inmates in various ways by providing individual therapy and counseling, employment services, Psychiatric evaluation, monitoring of medication, housing access, how an individual is living and transitional...

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Orihuela, M. M., Loman, A. L. (2010). City of St. Louis Jail Diversion Project Final Evaluation Report.
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