Special Occasion Speech

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Ting Wu
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Special Occasion Speech (Introduction)
I will be doing an introduction of a young Dutch fashion designer Iris Van Herpen. I chose to introduce her because she is a good example of successful woman. She became famous for the water dress she designed, and has the nickname of “little McQueen.” They are both very talented and their designs are very innovative. I think my audience might like this topic, because that there are many well-known designers in the world, but very few of them can achieve accomplishment like her in such a young age. I will be aware of my tone when I introduce her achievements. Using different tone, and some gestures while introducing her might show my passion for this designer. If eyes are the windows to your heart, then the windows of a designer must be their first well known masterpiece. Today I will be introducing Iris Van Herpen. She is a Dutch designer that became well known for her water dress. She started her own label at the age of 27! Her designs require very unique treatment of materials, every garment she designed is very different and edgy. Sometimes she even creates new materials for her designs. She inspired me so much because sometimes when you look at her works, she can make the time stop! The water dress has the effect of water poured on the model and stayed there. When the water freezes it’s either it’s below 32 degrees, or time has stopped. What a successful young woman she is.
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