Special Needs Observation

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November 1, 2012
An observation in a classroom has many benefits for the observer. For one of my observations I go to an elementary classroom and my second observation is a youth group at a church. Each classroom has their own setting and curriculum which makes each classroom very different from the other. My first observation was in an elementary classroom. The activity had five kids per group. These children all ranged from the ages of 7 to 8. Just before their art activity took place the children were read a book about Halloween in which a pumpkin played as the main character. The teacher never showed the children the pictures because in the next activity she wanted the children to create their own pumpkin in the way that they pictured him and heard him described. Once the children got into their groups the teacher and a child helper passed out all the materials the children would need. Glitter, glue, crayons, beads, string, and scissors were all passed out to each group. They all received a card board cut out of a pumpkin and were now told to decorate him the way that they comprehended it from the book. From the very beginning the children all seemed very excited. The children were talking with each other and shared ideas on how they thought the pumpkin should be decorated. All the children had plenty of supplies to take and grab as they needed. The glitter however turned out to be an issue. Plenty of glitter was poured onto the desks and the floor distracting some children from their tasks. All throughout the activity the children were completely engaged and if they weren’t laughing then they all seemed to have a smile on their faces. My group of five seemed to get everything that they wanted to be on their pumpkin and still had time to clean their areas. They even had time to show off their pumpkins to the other groups. All in all I would say the activity was very well planned. I would however change what kinds of materials were...
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