Special Educational Needs Code of Practice

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Hina kashif
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Education Act 1993
In this act gives brief meanings of special educational needs and special educational provision code of practice.it also provides duty to secure education for special needs children’s in this act gives a detail responsibility for education.it includes duty on secretary of state and duty on primary, secondary and further education.it provides direction to admit child to specific school. Religious education set out in all provisions. And changes in religious education and worship. Governing bodies have specifics duties with special education need. A duty is imposed on district and local authority to help local education authority.assesments are set out of educational need at request of child’s parent and there is a duty of district health authority to notify parents.

School attendance requirements are set out.it gives detail of offences and education supervision orders in relation to school are set out. And it also includes details that a school failure to comply with school attendance order.it also includes details on inspection and reports, special measures, education associations. National curriculums are set out and duties regarding the teaching of religious education are explained. Compulsory school age and school leaving date is set out. Disability discrimination act [1995 and 2005]

1995: The Act covers five main areas:
Employers must make reasonable adjustments or arrangements for disabled or physical features which place disabled employees.employers must not discriminate unjustifiably against disable employees or job applicants. Access to goods, facilities and services

Without any justification it is unlawful to refuse to provide proper standard facilities to disable persons. Service providers have to take reasonable steps to:
They have to change polices ,procedures which are unreasonable for disabled people.they have to make reasonable services for example reserved spaces for disabled users. Provide temporary ramps or induction loops to make easier for enable disabled people to use service. Some time its very difficult or impossible to overcome physical features to use a service ,by providing alternative method it make easier for example provide a customer assistance service. Service provision includes to provide with or without charge facilities, goods or services to gernal public and it also includes communication and information service.service providers have to take steps to remove berries or make reasonable to make it possible for physical features disabled people. Management and disposal of land or property

The Act prohibits discrimination against disabled people in the management, sale or rental of premises (buildings or land). Public transport vehicles
This act introduce new regulations to lay down new access standards for texis,buses and trains. Education
Education act included employment requirments but excluded from service provisions.all education institute must produce statements and reports.all non educational activities on premises are covered. 2005: From December 2005 new laws placed a duty on public bodies to promote disability
equality. This affects all public bodies – from local councils to government
departments, from universities to hospitals. The disability equality duty requires the public sector to actively promote disability
equality, and is similar to the duty to promote race equality under the Race Relations
(Amendment) Act. This is a positive duty, which builds in disability equality at the
beginning of the process, rather than make adjustments at the end. It brings about a
shift from a legal framework which relies on individual disabled people complaining
about discrimination to one in which the public sector becomes a proactive agent of
change. Key public bodies are required to produce Disability Equality Schemes and action
plans and to report annually on the outcomes and improvements they have achieved
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