Special Education Team: Educating Students with Intellectual Disability

Topics: Education, Individualized Education Program, Mental retardation Pages: 4 (1094 words) Published: August 4, 2013

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Intellectual disabilities (ID) in education require proper planning, collaboration, communication, accommodations, modified lessons, and detailed individualized instructions. Intellectual disabilities affect many aspect of a person daily life with a variety of emotional, mental, social, and physical characteristics (Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation, n.d.). Intellectual disabilities are also known as mental retardation (National Institute of Health, 2010). When educating students diagnosed with intellectual disabilities individual education plans (IEP) play a large role in the education process and ensure disabled students are meeting goals, reaching academic milestones, and progressing correctly. Designing a SPED (special education team) is essential for educating students with intellectual disability. A SPED should consist of a regular education teacher, a special education teacher, parents of the student, and health care professional or organization in the community.

For SPE 351 my designed SPED will consist of special education teacher, Mrs. Brandi Hoffman, regular education teacher, Ms. Amy Kelly, parents of the students within the classroom, and the Stars Community Outreach Organization. Mrs. Hoffman is a special education teacher at the elementary school I have been observing in and has been in special education for 13 years and at the school for 7 years. Ms. Kelly has been teaching regular education for 10 years at the school I complete practicum hours. The Stars Community Outreach Organization is an established facility that assists all people struggling with a variety of disabilities, birth to elders. The Stars Community Outreach Organization helps with doctors, therapies, community involvement, events, shopping, transportation, employment, education, financial assistance, and much more. The facility also offers daycare for disabled children whom parents need childcare for....

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