Special Education Services

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Question 1
Each of the following components must be included on an individualized education program (IEP) EXCEPT: Answer
| 1.| annual goals|
| 2.| related services to be provided|
| 3.| student's IQ score|
| 4.| instructional objectives|
1 points   
Question 2
Each of the following people is typically on an IEP team EXCEPT: Answer
| 1.| a parent or guardian|
| 2.| a provider of special education|
| 3.| the child's general education teacher|
| 4.| a special education lawyer|
1 points   
Question 3
What was the major accomplishment of IDEA and other federal laws with respect to transition? Answer
| 1.| They provided funding for postsecondary programs.| | 2.| They extended the age range served by special education to include students up to age 26.| | 3.| They mandated that school districts pay for postsecondary schooling (including college tuition) for students under the age of 21 with disabilities.| | 4.| They required schools to integrate transition plans into IEPs for students with disabilities.| 1 points   

Question 4
The special education intervention that requires the least specialized environment is: Answer
| 1.| consultation by a special educator|
| 2.| instruction by an itinerant teacher|
| 3.| instruction in a resource room|
| 4.| instruction by a regular classroom teacher|
1 points   
Question 5
The ability to make personal choices and regulate oneʹs  own life is known as Answer
| 1.| self-concept.|
| 2.| self-awareness.|
| 3.| self-control|
| 4.| self-determination.|
1 points   
Question 6
Schools must provide an individualized program for each student who requires special education services. This means that: Answer
| 1.| each student must receive instruction on a one-to-one basis.| | 2.| an educational plan must be written for each student.| | 3.| one individual must be responsible for each child's education| | 4.| the portion of the program that is individualized must be delivered by a teacher who is certified in special education| 1 points   

Question 7
Which one of the following best describes an individual family service plan? Answer
| 1.| a supplement to the IEP that specifies services that will be provided to the family of a student with disabilities| | 2.| a supplement to the IEP that identifies the role of family members in supporting the school's program for a student with disabilities.| | 3.| a type of IEP created for preschool children with disabilities| | 4.| an extension of the IEP that is used for secondary students.| 1 points   

Question 8
Leslie is enrolled in a regular classroom, but works with a special education teacher in a special education classroom for an hour a day. What type of special education services does Leslie receive? Answer

| 1.| She recieves itinerant services.|
| 2.| She receives resource services.|
| 3.| She receives consultation services.|
| 4.| She receives diagnostic-prescriptive services.|
1 points   
Question 9
Some educators have suggested that the phrase"least restrictive environment" is not appropriate for describing the placement of students. What term do they suggest as more accurate? Answer
| 1.| most enabling environment|
| 2.| most specialized environment|
| 3.| least isolated...
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