Special Assistants In Hospitals

Topics: Patient, Medicine, Health care, Hospital, Health care provider, Nursing / Pages: 1 (202 words) / Published: Feb 7th, 2016
Hospitals are an important place that gives a good health care to the patients. The patient takes a good treatment. For example, When a child needs to support to his bone a doctor or nurse do some exercises in order to be able to walk this is called physical therapy. the patient takes specific techniques such as Fluoroscopy which is a special x-ray technique that produces detail for structures of the body, and Fluoroscopy is used in many types like cardiac catheterization (1). Staffs in hospitals help patients.Receptions staff help patients to organize their an appointment. Thera are two types of hospitals around the world general and special. Special pay money to take treatment in hospital; however, general do not pay to take treatment

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