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My most special moment
Football, one of the best sports anyone can play, where two teams of eleven men show how they are better than the other. This was categorically not the case at one of the best football matches I have ever been to, Legends Vs Dream Team which was played at Wembley in 2008. This match was played for charity, for the people who suffer from cancer around the world. The Legends team were the retired football players who were the best during their football careers. The Dream Team didn’t have any average football players; they had the most skilful players from other teams which made this match the best exhibition match ever. There were many factors that made this match very special and very memorable.

Well, despite the first factor that made this match one in a million was that millions of pounds were being raised to go to the countries that were suffering from incurable cancer, one of the things that made this match very special, which would be near the top of my list, was that I got to see all my favourite superstars in one go. Some of football’s greats including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Eric Cantona, Ronaldinho and last but not least, Maradona were there. For me to see all these players, playing together was just outstanding. The atmosphere was just electric, the fans chanting away and also the mascots who dance after each goal.

Even though the players were in two different teams playing against each other, the crowds didn’t seem to think so. For the first time at a football match that I have seen people from all countries supporting not just their teams, but the other team as well, no matter which side they were on. Everyone was joining into the chants no matter which country they were from or were supporting. I, being a football fan, was sitting in a huge group of supporters wearing red supporting The Legends, and what really got my attention was that The Legends fans were joining the Dream Teams’ chants and The Legends crowd

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