Spech for Becoming a Captain

Topics: Election, Tradition, Leadership Pages: 2 (330 words) Published: December 18, 2010

Honourable principal, respected teachers and my dear fello friends,

I am -------- of std --------. I am running for the post of captain

Have we all gathered here to discuss the effects of smoking or to discuss about the latest IPL matches… All of us have gathered here to elect your captain.

I think I am place in a position where I owe an explanation to eacn and everyone gathered here as to why you should elect me as your captain

I don’t believe in talking but I do belive in doing.. Promise less and deliver more is my motto.

My dear friends, I would like to assure you one thing for sure that my commitment to the school will live past this election..

You thoughts will be my goal
Your desire will be my vision

Your smile will be my victory.

Being a vice captain will further enhance my ability to make sincere contribution for the welfare of the students as wel as the school

A leader can only be ree to lead his team if he keeps abreast of all the happenings around him. Henceto know about it,my leadership will lay a patform to you students to voice your concerns

Competitive extracurricular sporting program will be designesd for our participants to excel. We will continually strive for innovation in all shpheres.

My leadership will safeguard all time honoured traditions and structures of our school. They have stood the test of time and deserve to be upheld and handed over to the generations to come.

All these demands systematic planned actions and requires motivated leadership to imprement and deliver.that is why I am running for this post of captain.

It has long been accepted that unity is strength and that together we will do it better. If I am elected a s the vicecaptian then I will strive heartd to make my house the best and lead my fellow students to new heights of success. thank you
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