Spear Bearer Or The Canon (Doryphoros

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The Ancient Greeks did not originate Art, it existed way before them. However the Greeks did employ the arts as a thematic approach that depicted practices of their daily lives, including their religion beliefs and mythological style too. The golden age of the Ancient Greek as some refers to the “high classical “period that took place and follows the classical period from 450 BCE to 400 BCE that lasted half century. It represents the outstanding cultural achievements and the intellectual growth that happened upon Athens at the time.

Architecture in ancient Greece commenced as a basic building with plain designs but as times passed from the archaic period to the geometric, the classic and then the Hellenistic period, it evolved
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450 - 440 BCE he made Spear Bearer or The Canon (Doryphoros), it’s a sculpture of somebody perhaps Achilles. The sculpture depicts the human body of a male in the high classicism period of the Ancient Greece and the expounded of physical male beauty along with the athletic nude art that is contemplate by the artist, it originally holding a spear which it was ruined throughout passing of time, but there is the Roman replica that is made from marble. The original Greek sculpture is made from bronze; furthermore the texture must be smooth and unblemished, Polyclitus's Canon is extremely intellectual work that represents the idea of “symmetria” or commensurability that all the body parts of the statue must have the impeccable measures, he was inspired from the human body and it’s ideal measurement; Galen recapitulated Polykleitos idea’s of beauty and ratio in the second century, “Beauty consists in the proportions, not of the elements, but of the parts, that is to say, of finger to finger, and of all the fingers to the palm and the wrist, and of these to the forearm, and of the forearm to the upper arm, and of all the other parts to each other.” Polykleitos had the prowess to create a perfect sculpted physique as well as capturing the autonomy in a way that the can only be described as flawless and dimensional. In the Classical times the pose changed it become more relaxed and genuine, instead of the weight posture being held down by both legs like before. The pose of the Spear-Bearer's symbolizes the natural human body by making it bear it’s weight thru the straight right leg and making the left slightly bend and resulted for the hips to be lifted up vaguely at a certain angle and down at the other side, notwithstanding he made a precious counterbalance between making it perfectly well adjusted and stable without appearing as unnatural or

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