Speaking of Love: How Does It Feel Different?

Topics: Love, Greek words for love, Friendship Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: September 25, 2014
Speaking of Love: How Does It Feel Different?
According to Mortimer J. Adler in The Great Ideas, Love is a deep expression that consists of affectionate feelings for a person or thing. When we think about love, the first thing that comes to our minds are emotions, loyalty and faithfulness. Many people might think that they fall in love with that special person they have in their life but we might be concerned whether or not that is truth love? Can we satisfy our life for the one who will have the highest priority in our world? Adler cited from In Essay on Friendship, the author Montaigne says, “In truth friendship I give myself more than I endeavor to attract him to me. I am not only better pleased in doing him service than he incur benefit up on me, but more over I would rather he should do himself good than me good.” (134)This statement clearly shows the benevolence of love, the interest of the lover in the good of the beloved. To determine which kind of love we might feel around us and whether or not it’s a truth love, we can look for the significance of a different kind of love. Love is defined by the three Greek terms: eros, philia and agape.

Eros is a romantic and pure emotion love without the balance of logic. It’s a kind of love with sensual desire and longing. Eros is a type of love where people fall in love extremely fast but do not have their priorities set for each other. They might find themselves in complete love with each other, however; these emotions are erotic and temporary. I won’t call these emotions love, even though, some people might be able to enjoy most or all of their life living with an Eros love. As an illustration to the Eros love I can point out the Friends with Benefits movie. For example, in the opening scene of this movie, Dylan and Jamie come to an agreement to only be friends with benefits and nothing more. They had affection towards each other but nothing was serious between the two as they only used each other...
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