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Travel Tracker

Location: Fayettes (Town Bakery)
Page(s) described: 96-97

One morning, early into the third marking period, Melinda sleeps in and misses the bus. Since her mother has to go to work, she walks to school. The streets are quiet; Melinda slept past the usual morning rush hour. Snow from the previous night covers the ground “like powdered sugar on a gingerbread town”.

On the way, Melinda decides to stop at Fayettes, the town bakery, and buys a “wicked good” jelly doughnut. Fayettes presumably also sells coffee; Andy Evans soon emerges from the door of the bakery carrying a cup of coffee in one hand and a raspberry doughnut in the other. Melinda notices Andy and stops on a frozen puddle across the parking lot, hoping that if she doesn’t move, he wont see her. Unfortunately, he does, and Melinda runs away, leaving prints from her boots and melting three feet of ice and snow on either side of the icy sidewalk as she goes.

Location: The Mall
Page(s) described: 98-99

After Melinda runs from the bakery, she decides to just skip school and go to the mall. On the way, she wanders down Main street, passing a beauty parlor, a 7-Eleven, a card store, an appliance store, a hardware store, a parking lot, a grocery store, and a bank.

The Central New York weather is cold. A rotating electronic sign outside of the bank displays the current temperature: 22 degrees fahrenheit (-5.5 degrees celsius). Melinda climbs on the Centro bus outside of the grocery store. Melinda soon arrives at the mall, which is just opening. Store managers hold keys and large cups of coffee, opening the cage-like gates in front of the stores. The mall lights turn on, the fountains start, and music turns on behind giant potted ferns. The air smells like fast food and floor cleaner.

Seniors “powerwalk” by, taking no notice of the window displays in front of the shops. Melinda sits by the central elevator, where Santa’s...
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