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Topics: Colegio de San Juan de Letran, United Kingdom, Computer network Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Ma. Ruth Gianelle T. Jaymalin 2012-20523
Prof. Fabby Ortiz
Comm 3, WFU
30 January 2013

Reaction Paper
ACLE Season 2: Speak Out!

Last January 24, 2013, classes were suspended beyond 12 pm by the chancellor, to give the students a chance to attend one of the lectures of ACLE or Alternative Classroom Learning Experience. I was able to attend the lecture organized by the Geographic Society of the University of the Philippines (GSUP), a non-profit non-partisan academic organization composed of undergraduate students dedicated to promote the discipline of geography in the Philippines. The title of the lecture was, 'Cyberspace: the Geography of Social Media'. It was about how the internet is connected with reality, what our responsibilities are when using the internet, and learning how to express ourselves. There were five invited speakers. First was Johnson Damian, a geography instructor in UP Diliman. Second was Sam Gogna, or popularly known as 'Samyg', a radio DJ of Magic 89.9 and a TV host. Third was Lloyd Cadena, a student of Colegio de San Juan de Letran taking up BA Financial Management, who is now famous on Youtube because of his comedic videos. Fourth was Joyce Pring, a student of UP Diliman from the College of Fine Arts taking up Visual Communication, who was once a vj on myx, a music channel. The last was Xeres Guia, a TV host. The lecture was held at Palma Hall, room 108-110. There were several points on the lecture that caught my attention. One was when Johnson Damian said that the internet is a place of self expression. You can be you, or not you. This means that in real life you may be anti-social, but in the internet the spotlight's on you. I agree with this point of his. Many of us have the guts to say whatever we want to say in the internet, but we keep our mouths shut in the real life. Another was when Sam Gogna said that everything is possible through the internet. I agree with him because the internet is such vast...
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