Speak For Those Who Can't

Topics: Animal testing, Skin, Test method, Testing cosmetics on animals, Animal rights / Pages: 6 (1378 words) / Published: Dec 4th, 2013
Speak For Those Who Can’t

Do the companies L’Oreal, Lancome, Garnier, Maybelline, Sephora, and Neutrogena sound familiar? All of these companies take part in animal testing. Every year 19.5 million animals die in testing every year, and these companies are involved. Products produced by these companies are some that one may use every day. Hopefully whoever uses their products feels guilty for putting those animals in all that pain and torture just to look pretty. Certainly, this is not a liable excuse. China requires animal testing, but why should the United States? Animal testing should not be carried out because the cruelty displayed is immoral, the public investment is extremely costly, and the use of other test methods could be implemented.
In the United States, one animal dies in a lab every second, in Japan every two seconds, and in the United Kingdom every twelve seconds. Through this statement animal testing be labeled as inhumane. Many animals are tested on for medical research. However, this makes no sense considering an animal’s body is completely different from a human’s body. The diseases do not affect their bodies the same way. For example, a cure for cancer in mice was found. Scientist thought it would work on humans, but it did not. The only product was the pain brought to animals. People even received harmful and ineffective medications for strokes that worked on animals. There are many disasters of animal testings that occurred in the past and more could evolve in the future. What is the point in putting animals in pain when it will not benefit humans? Another way animal testing is cruel is that some school students dissect live animals. Millions of cats, dogs, monkeys, mice, bunnies, and others are taken from the wild or even pet stores just to be tested on. Some animals are even lost pets that are found in the streets. There is no morality in taking one’s pet and turning into a lab rat. A brutal aspect to animal testing is cosmetic

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