Speak Essay

Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: October 24, 2008
Essay answer to : In the fourth Marking period prove that Melinda Shows courage and Speaks Up.

Today’s teenagers are often seen as rebellious because they stand up and take action for their beliefs. In Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson, Melinda remains quiet throughout most of the novel. But she proves to be very courageous when she finally tells Rachel about what at the party and when she goes face to face with Andy Evans.

In the fourth marking period Melinda proves to be very courageous and finally speaks up for herself. Melinda builds enough courage to tell Rachel that she was raped by Andy Evans, Rachel’s boyfriend, at the party. Melinda tells Rachel that she called the cops because she was raped at the party. “I didn’t call the cops the break up the party. I called them because some guy raped me.”(Halse, p. 184) It took a whole lot of courage to even tell Rachel especially for Melinda. But it took even more courage to tell Rachell that she was raped by her boyfriend, Andy Evans. “Rachel: WHO DID IT??? Melinda: Andy Evans” (Halse, p.183) It took all Melinda’s strength to tell Rachel this because she was afraid of what may happen if Rachel over reacted. One of the most courageous things Melinda had to do was to tell someone that she was raped by Andy Evans at the party. Consequently, when Andy heard that Melinda told on him and ruined his reputation, he was out for revenge.

Through out most of the school year Melinda has been avoiding Andy Evans at all costs making sure she didn’t run into him at all. When Andy heard she told on him, he was very angry and wanted his revenge. She was locked in the closet with Andy who was trying to attack her and she was forced to defend herself against her worst enemy. He tries to rape her again and she does all she can to defend herself. She throws a bowl of potpourri at him, she even throws her books at him and still he doesn’t stop. Finally, she takes a shard of glass and brings it to his neck. Andy was then...
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