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Topics: Posttraumatic stress disorder, Narrative, Rape Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: October 11, 2008
Plot: I believe that the plot in this book is a very true to life plot, and I actually very much enjoyed the way that it was told and laid out, because the book’s whole theme was very realistic and believable. I cannot even imagine being Melinda and having to deal with something as horrible and disturbing as being raped, and on top of that having to come back to school with everyone hating you and treating you like an outcast. Overall I think that the plot progresses at a decent pace throughout the book, and you can really see throughout the book that Melinda starts to come out of her shell a little bit, and really bonds with Mr. Freeman, the art Teacher. I like the way the book is laid out, by marking period, because it really helps you really keep track of the time and events in this book. Overall I think that the plot in this book is a very strong one, and I did enjoy the progression and speed of the plot as well.

Characters (main and minor)

Melinda Sordino - She is the protagonist of this book, a thirteen year old who suffers a terrible rape and is deeply affected by it, and is afraid to tell people of it, and she is treated as a social outcast Melinda’s Parents - Melinda’s mother is the manager of a clothing store and her father is a insurance salesman. Both are caught up in their careers and are usually too busy to give Melinda the time of day. Mr. Freeman – Melinda’s art teacher and one of the few people that she is fond of and opens up to her, he is the one who initially gets her to come out of her shell. He is a good man who wants the best for his students. David Petrakis - He is Melinda’s biology lab partner and one of her only friends. He is very patient with her and when she is able to speak, it is often to him. He is also one of the few people Melinda actually respects Andy Evans – The horrible kid who raped Melinda, he often preys on girls who like him only for his good looks. Heather from Ohio - This young girl is new to Merryweather High...
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