Topics: Death, Earth, World Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Good morning. My name is Hania Zulfiqar and i am from 08 MGA and today i wona thourgh lights on the topic a Useless life is an early death. All great personalities have left their “footprints on the sand of time”, they have essentially stamped their mark on the face of the earth, with their great contributions to this earth as we know it. This is because they were determined to prove something, they were curious, they asked questions and challenged the concepts of science prevalent in their era. These people were Galileo, Newton, instine.There are others like them who have worked hard and risen above the sphere of just thinking for oneself and put the well being of others before themselves. There are still others who are remembered for their will and determination to face challenges and their capability to handle positions of power admirably . All these people had something in common a burning pride in their work and ambition to do something useful for their country, to be of some use to the world. People like them are not born everyday. They are rare, they are the source of inspiration for the youth of today. These people were adored when they lived and are revered in their absence. There are people who are dependent on others for their daily bread and butter. On the other hand there are the people who fall in the rich category. People like these are worms, they lead an existence where once they have died no one will remember them for much. These are the people falling in the ‘useless’ category. We must try to rise from the ‘useless’ category and spend our life trying our best to achieve something that will make us belong in the ‘useful’ category. Our Motto in life should be to try to reach our full potential. To push are talents to their maximum and broaden our horizons; to live life to its full potential and while we do that we should endeavor to leave a mark on the world and the lives of people. A day should...
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