Spc1608: Topic Selection Worksheet/Assignment

Topics: Rhetoric, Want, Audience Pages: 3 (625 words) Published: October 28, 2012
SPC1608: Topic Selection Worksheet/Assignment

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Instructions: Work through the following worksheet steps in sequence. Every time a question is asked (indicated by the letter “Q”), think through your best answer and then handwrite or type your answer in the blank space below the question. You will print out the completed assignment and turn it in the next time we meet, which will be the week of Oct. 29.

Step 1: Personal

Q: Which of my personal passions relate to a cause, movement, problem, need, and/or issue anywhere in the world?

Q: What have I done (actions) to prove my support, interest, and/or passions in any of the above areas?

Q: Which of the above passions do I think the audience might relate to and/or care about the most? Why?

Q: Which of the above passions do I think the audience might be willing to support in an active way? Why? What do I think they might be willing to do? What do I think they might not be willing to do?

Q: Am I hesitant about using any of my passions as my persuasive topic? Why?

Q: Do I want to continue brainstorming topics with the hope that I will find another idea?

Step 2: Research
Now, consult 2 or 3 of the brainstorming sources recommended in the Persuasive Speech Guidelines. They are: charity websites, Google, ted.com, and Valencia databases. Please consult these sources even if you think you have already chosen your topic.

As you are researching, identify one or more persuasive topics that accomplish all of the following:
- Interest you and would interest your audience
- Represent realistic actions that you could ask my audience to take - Can be explored during the speech time frame with sufficient support from research - Will relate to your audience on the level of emotion (feeling/heart connection) AND on the level...
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