Spc Products Company

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SPC Products Company

Brief Summary of SPC Company

Son pan products company (SPC) is a leading Japanese company specialising in providing automating solutions for financial, insurance and manufacturing solutions. SPC also produces PC's, mid range computers and peripherals for the Japanese Market. SPC is well known in the Japanese Market as a software producer of very high quality. Due to Son pan's large range of hardware, software and networking solutions, it is also one of the largest systems in Japan. Due to the pressure to cut costs SPC has been looking to outsource software development for lower prices.


Brief Summary of case:
Lakshmi Software:
Lakshmi software is a company with their headquarters in India. Lakshmi software is a low cost software engineering company. The company has had reasonable success working with European, particularly German companies and US companies. Lakshmi however realises that they have had very little success in the second largest software market in the world Japan. Lakshmi considers this to be a very important market and is seeking to further their success in Japan. One of Lakshmi's largest customers is Son pan and Lakshmi is hoping to use Son Pan to help them to increase their share of the Japanese market.


The India Project team:
In order to streamline the outsourcing procedure, SPC has set up the India project team (IPT). IPT has been looking for a large end user project (where the user is a customer of SPC) to be outsourced to Lakshmi. The IPT also helps Lakshmi in understanding the business practices and culture of Japanese companies, which varies greatly to their western counterparts. Japanese companies give very vague specifications and give deadlines that can not be changed. The Japanese consider their customers to be god and agree to required schedules even if the specifications are not ready.

The Relationship between SPC and Lakshmi
SPC has provided Lakshmi with a...
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