Spatial Analysis

Topics: Interview, University, Automobile Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: April 16, 2014
Methods in practice exercise

Location Interview

1. How and why was this location chosen for The Levels?
“Proximity to the university and location, location, location. The fact that students need to not rely on any outside service to attend classes on a regular basis is the fundamental reason upon building The Level and its location. Further more when looking to accommodate students the necessity of a car seems to be a prominent issue. The location of a multiple faceted restaurants and the Sun Tran, which will be used in the years moving forward, allows residents to access all locations in Tucson. Relying on the Sun Tran for class in comparison to relying on it for pleasure is another hidden incentive upon our location.

2.How has the location of The Levels affected the outcome?
“ We think it has affected Tucson positively, from the instance that the number 1 reason students come to Tucson is to go to class but allowing over 500 students housing a block from campus allows for students to solely rely on their self’s no third parties needed. As well with our location the amenities with a rooftop pool, study room and gym allows for residents one domestic location to enjoy life.”

3. Could there be a better location for The Levels?
“No there could not be a better location. Plain and simple, there are multiple student housing locations off of campus and the demographic shifts back to campus. There is a reason other multi level student housing are being built such as The Hub The Cadence and District are all located around campus.

4. Has there been anything that was unexpected or expected?
“There are new buildings being built which created a lot of noise with construction and has bothered a lot of residents. This was unexpected and we had no idea The Hub was being built right next door. Another unexpected thing was the amount of students who wanted parking, the garage can’t hold the amount of students who want to park. We didn’t anticipate...
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