Spartan Social Structure

Topics: Sparta, Ancient Greece, Battle of Thermopylae Pages: 4 (1268 words) Published: August 1, 2010
a. What were the geographical features of Sparta?
The geographical features of Sparta were:
* Mt. Taygetus
* Eurotas river
* Messenia

b. Outline the role of the krypteia
The krypteia was the secret police force of Sparta. It was run by the ephors who recruited young men and sent them out for a year to spy on the helots. The krypteia were authorised to kill helots, especially those who appeared to have the kinds of qualities that might fit them to lead a helot rebellion. c. Describe the education of Spartan boys

The education of Spartan boys was a brutal experience for all the boys; they were all to be trained well enough to be able to serve Sparta. Training for the Spartan military began at the age of seven and continued until the age of sixty, for those who lived that long. Usually the boys would be hit to help them toughen up or just because they were out of line, they trained and fought naked, ate a modest amount of food, entered public competitions, wore little amounts of clothing (loin cloth) and travelled to places barefoot; the boys had to partake in these methods because in doing so they are making themselves much more stronger. Spartan boys were disciplined to a great extent in order to create tough warriors who could endure any pain or discomfort and who would die fighting rather than face the disgrace of retreat or surrender. The agoge, the Spartan education system for boys, was to produce such warriors. It exercised total control over the boys between the ages of seven and twenty. From a very young age boys were always encouraged and pressured to conform and when they did they built up a more trusting relationship with the other boys and men. Disassociating the boys was also another form of method used to help the boys conform, as Hodkinson states, it was to “...assert collective over private interests...” Overall, the education of Spartan boys was one that contained brutality, obedience and bravery in order to create great...
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