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Topics: Culture, Intercultural competence Pages: 4 (1395 words) Published: September 8, 2013
International Human Recourse Management 11.08.2013
In the role of Eric
1. Summarize your thoughts on the problems, alternative solutions and your strategy on how to proceed at the forthcoming meeting. Fred´s first assignment was in 1983, when he went to Scotland and proved succesful. The second assignment to Mexico did not go very well, caused by economic problems. The third assignment to India was the most unsuccessful in Fred´s career. You may see the difference in culture between Scotland, Mexico and India. This could be a reason for the failure of the third assignment. In my opinion one problem is the unsufficient preparation for the assignment to India, caused by Fred himself on one side and by our company on the other. It appears that he was not trained adequatly by Tex-Mark, but it may be also the issue, he did not want to or had no time for the predeparture activities provided. As you know, it was a last minute replacement for another engineer who was not able to fulfill the assignment, as his father was diagnosed with a serious cancer. This happened just two weeks before the family was about to depart. Within a time frame of two weeks, it seems more likely to be difficult providing an effective pre-departure training. Tex-Mark usually instructs an outsorced firm to brief the employees before they leave. Additionally the employees shall participate in 'interviews and conversations' with colleagues with country experience. Besides Tex-Mark provides language courses to make sure the employees 'survive' abroad, mostly this courses last form eight to twelve weeks. Hence he did not get the chance to experience these benefits, this may be one of the reasons, the assignment to India did not go very smoothly. As a result of not participating in the pre-departure activities Fred and his team were not able to handle the procedures in India, dealing respectfully with the government agencies and they did not meet the schedule. I take for granded that he was not...
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