Topics: Corporal punishment in the home, Corporal punishment, Spanking Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: May 15, 2012
James richerson ric 1 Mr. S
Eng 101
february 24 2011
Corporal Punishment wrong or right After reading the article “hitting bottom: why America should outlaw spanking” (Emily bazelon) we find many reasons why outlawing spanking is a priority. The article seams to push the subject of corporal punishment into other areas that make the articles argument seam light. I believed that outlawing spanking would be a big mistake. It gets too much into how someone is to raise their child and no one wants the government to tell them how to raise their child. Before sally lieber California assemblywomen could even introduce her bill a poll was done and showed that only 23 percent supported it. Now there is a difference between spanking and physical abuse and I think that this is the case that she is trying to emperies. And in the article she goes on to show how there have been studies done to show the negative impact that spanking has on little children. For example a study by the University of California at Berkeley psychologist Diana baumrind tested the effects of frequent spanking and not much was found between frequent spanking and none at all. She goes on to talk about how there are two types of spankers impulsive and reactive. Towards the end of the article we I come to understand that spanking is not suppose to be used constantly but only to correct bad behavior. Anything other than spanking could be physical abuse like beating young children and excreta the purpose of the law would be to better define what is spanking of physical abuse. It would also help make a lot of cases easer to solve.
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