Spanish Nationalism

Topics: Spain, Nationalism, Spanish language Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Spanish nationalism - is the nationalism asserts that Spaniards are a nation and promotes the cultural unity of Spaniards. It has been typically been closely tied to the conceptions of a Castilian-based culture. The Castilian language became the Spanish language. Other expressions of Spanish nationalism have included pan-Iberianism and pan-Hispanism. The origins of Spanish nationalism have been claimed to have begun with theReconquista - beginning with the victory of Catholic forces against Muslim Moor forces in Granada in 1492 that resulted in a surge patriotic sentiment amongst Catholic Spaniards.[3] The development of Spanish nationalism has been tied to the state-building process of the Castillian-ruled Spanish monarchy. Just as in all other Western European nation-states (Portugal, France and England), the shaping of an authoritarian monarchy as of the late Middle Ages gave rise to the parallel secular development of the State and Nation in Spain under the Spanish Monarchy's successive territorial conformations. As occurred in each one of these cases, the national identity and the territorial structure proper gave rise to many different outcomes in the end, but always – and also in the case of Spain – as a result of the way in which the institutions responded to the economic and social dynamic (at times despite these very institutions) and not fully flourishing in their contemporary aspect until the Old Regime had succumbed. The clearest-cut identification factor existed throughout this ethnic-religious period in the form of "Old Christian" status. At the end of this period (18th century), the linguistic identification factor was gradually accentuated revolving around the Castilian with new institutions such as the Spanish Royal Academy. Historically, Spanish nationalism emerged with liberalism, and in the Spanish War of Independence against Napoleon I of France. Since 1808 we can talk about nationalism in Spain: ethnic patriotism became fully national, at...
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