Spanish & French Empires

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Spanish & French Empires

Both empires were new empires during the time period in the 1530’s–1540’s. These empires both practiced Christianity in different ways. They also fought with Native Americans.
Spanish strengthen its colonies in the Americas in an aggressive way. Conquistadors were successful at conquering territory and establishing colonies for Spain. Indians were forced to mine for silver and gold. Spain also explored north, and their contributor led to society by Spanish was Christopher Columbus. Spanish controlling the American Empire of color to conquer all, enslaved Indians for world and make an effort to can cut them to Catholics. Spanish America converted others to their religions. They stayed in religious settlements (missions) ran by friars of priest. Missionaries ordered the Indians to build new churches and work for them. Presidios strengthened Spain because it housed missionaries so that they could convert more people. Forts built in the American southwest to protest Spanish building missions. Hernando De Soto and Francisco Vasquez de Coronado led expeditions into the lands north of Mexico. They left behind spread among the Indians of the southwest. New Spain included the areas now known as the western United States and the Louisiana Purchase, Mexico, northern Central America, the Caribbean, and the Philippines. The capital city of New Spain was Mexico City. Spain dominated its large empire politically, socially, and economically. The Spaniards were able to infiltrate inland and establish much more permanent settlements. Subsequently, monarchy, along with the expansion of the overseas Spanish empire, went on to transcend national boundaries. The Spanish also had a large navy whereas the French had a navy nowhere near the size of the Spanish. Also, they explored all over South America acquiring many of the lands to the south. The Spanish empire mainly consisted sailors and explorers. The only land they had in North America was...
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