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Topics: Spain, Spanish Inquisition, Age of Discovery Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: December 19, 2012
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Diya Daswani
October 4, 2012
AP European History
Coach Freeman
Spanish Conquistadors
Different motives throughout the time of exploration leading to the New World affected Spanish attitudes against natives by not only focusing on gold, glory, and God, but by strength and power as well. The age of exploration to the new world was dominated by the Spanish conquistadors. Their success in new discoveries brought great power and strength to Spain. In most circumstances, a country would do anything to become successful in the economy and government. With that being said, Spain every intention based on becoming powerful, which left no thought toward the people living in the New World.

God and religion was such an important factor that the Spanish used it against the Indians. In document 1, the Spanish ask the Indians to acknowledge the Christian church as the superiority and receive love and charity in return. If not, the Spanish would forcefully enter into their country and start war & produce slaves. This document, however, is very reliable in my opinion. Taking into consideration about how the Spanish thought, converting people to their religion would not only help them become more successful under God’s terms, but in the New World as well. (POV) In addition to this, the Spanish also believed that Indians are truly men and may not be capable of understanding the Catholic faith, but in all terms desire to receive it. (Document 8) God Daswani 2

was a huge motive of the Spanish. Many were serious about their religion, and the Spanish Inquisition is a perfect example for this. The idea of spreading the Catholic faith to different races was portrayed as a primary reason for the Spanish to discover new lands and items.

Cortez, captain-general during this time, used Glory to get people on board with him to conquer new discoveries. If you haven’t learned already, the Spanish would do absolutely anything for power, prestige, and wealth. (Document4)...
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