Spanish Conquests

Topics: United States Congress, Member of Congress, United States House of Representatives Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: September 10, 2014
Some of the conquests of the Spanish on the Native Indians were brutal. While most conquistadors and Spanish people treated the Indians badly, one names Las Casas did not. He defended them. Why My Congressman/Congresswoman Matters to Me.

Our congressmen and congresswomen are some of the most important parts of our government. Normally, when one thinks of members of congress, it seems as though the members are nothing but a group of people arguing from different political groups. They are simply normal members of our community, and they rarely receive all the credit they deserve. When our congressmen and women fight, they are fighting for us. In trying to provide us with the best life that we can have, our congressmen and women come to compromises and agreements. The houses we live in, the food we eat, the medications we use, and much more are decided by our congress members. Congress uses its power to somewhat control commerce, importation, and exportation. In my personal opinion, being a member of congress is a form of art. I say this because of the amount of work and thought they put into each bill before it is passed as a law. It sometimes makes me wonder how our congress members are not going crazy with all that responsibility on their hands! Then again, it seems as though they have mastered the art. As much as congress works extremely hard for us, the people also have a big impact on the decisions; we get to vote. Voting is probably the most effective way to find out the thoughts and opinions of the public population. It allows our government to figure out the most effective candidates for various positions. Our Congress is also elected this way, so the people we choose represent us in how we would like to change our country or keep it the way it is. In conclusion, our congressmen and congresswomen are important to us because not only are they the main pieces in the game of government, but they are also the glue that holds...
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