Spanish-American War

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The Spanish-American War was fought between the United States, and Spain. Sadly it’s not a popular subject in high schools these days, so most students don’t know anything about this war. The Spanish-American War marked a new beginning for the United States, Cuba and Spain. These countries where affected by the war because the Spanish American war would end the Spanish Empire, create a new one, and give a colony its independence. WHAT STARTED THE WAR

The Spanish American war was about Cubin Independence. At the time of the war Cuba had been a colony of Spain. Most people in America today don’t know this simply because they do know about the Monroe Doctrine. The Monroe Doctrine kept Europe out of the new world but it didn’t take away the colonies that had already been set up. Spain was the only European power that still had colonies in “The New World.” Cuban independence wasn’t like American independence. There weren’t any kind of unjust actions done by Spain; the Cubans simply got tired of being ruled by someone else. Cuba had several rebellions one right after another, each one more intense than the last. The first Rebellion was in 1868 and ended in 1878, known as the Ten Year War. The Cubans rebelled and were finally put down by Spanish military. In 1898 Spain finally sat down and gave Cuba an autonomous government. Almost two weeks later a riot broke out. Whether this was caused by Spain or not is unknown, however the riot did lead to damaged American property. In 1898 the United States sent the USS Maine to Havana, Cuba to protect Americans and their properties. On February 9, 1898 the Spanish Ambassador Dupuy De Lome sent a letter to a friend in Cuba that was intercepted by the Cuban rebels and taken to the United States government. This letter verbally insulted the United States President William McKinley. This letter was then stolen and published all across the United States, pushing for a call of war. Then February 15, 1898 the USS Maine suddenly exploded killing 266 sailors. The Public immediately blamed Spain and demanded war; however McKinley wanted an investigation first. The Navy’s investigation determined that the explosion either came from within the ship when the gun powder kegs suddenly ignited, or it hit a mine laid by Spain. Between the USS Maine and the letter, President McKinley knew there was no other choice but to go to war. On April 20 President McKinley signed a Joint Resolution for war with Spain. On April 21 Spain cut all diplomatic ties with the United States, and the United States began the blockade of Cuba. Then April 25 the United Stated formally declared war on Spain. PACIFIC FRONT

The war had been fought on many fronts in both the pacific and the Caribbean. In the Pacific the war was fought in the Philippines and Guam. In the Philippines the Americans had no bases so what coal and ammunition they had was it. This meant a huge advantage for Spain. In the first naval battle of the Spanish American war the U.S. Asiatic Squadron commanded by Commodore George Dewey attacked, and within hours destroyed the Spanish Squadron commanded by Admiral Patricio Montojo. This first battle was the battle of Manila Bay. This battle was a major defeat for Spain’s Empire because; the Spanish fleet wasn’t as huge as the United States or Great Brittan’s. In fact it was maybe half the size of the United States which was still only half the Size of the Royal Navy. After the battle, Manila harbor filled with British, French, German, and Japanese fleets interested in protecting their own investments in the Pacific. The German fleet of only 8 ships disrespectfully surrounded the American Squadron of 13 ships to protect German investments in the Philippines. However, Germany backed down when Commodore Dewey threatened to open fire on them if Germany didn’t let Dewey’s fleet pass. The war in the Philippines didn’t end until August 13, 1899 which resulted in Philippines independence. The War in the Philippines was...

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