Spanish American War

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Spanish American war

The Spanish American War was a very interesting war, some don’t know how the war

started. The war was mostly started when the USS Maine blew up killing 250 American sailors,

but if it wasn’t for Cuban rebels attack American plantations the USS Maine wouldn’t have been

in Cuba due to the fact that President McKinley wanted nothing to do with Cuba’s battle for

independence. McKinley wanted to stay at peace but due to what journalist were publishing

American citizens called for war against Spain.

When the USS Maine exploded Americans immediately blamed Spain for the explosion.

McKinley took no action against Spain when this happened. At the same time Spain’s other

territory the Philippine Islands was also rebelling, Theodore Roosevelt who was assistant secretary

of the navy got naval commanders in the Pacific get ready to attack Spain’s Pacific fleet. But

McKinley ordered everyone to withdraw except Admiral George Dewey’s fleet which was

ordered to attack the Spanish Fleet if war was to start. McKinley sent a list of demands to Spain

which included payment for the destruction of the USS Maine. Spain did accept most of the

demands but due to out cries for war he sent a message to Congress requesting war. Congress

immediately recognized Cuba’s independence.

The first battle took place Manila bay where the Admiral George Dewey’s fleet sunk all

of Spain’s Pacific fleet in about seven hours. Then U.S. Atlantic fleet trapped Spain’s fleet in a

harbor at Santiago. Theodore Roosevelt played another important role in the war after he

resigned for is position in the navy to recruit the Rough Riders which included several units of

African American troops. Roosevelt and the Rough Riders up San Juan Hill, one white solider

said if it was for the African American troops they would have lost. The Spanish fleet tried to

escape but the U.S. sunk every ship....
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