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The puritans wished to reform England by:
Purifying it of Catholic Rituals
How did Columbus react to the natives when he reached the Western Hemisphere? He thought they would become christianized and become good servants. The West African Empires prior to 1600
Engaged in vigorous trade and were Islamic
Which of the following nations was first in the new explorations that began in the 15th century? Portugal
In England, Puritan's primary appeal lay among?
Shopkeepers, yeomen farmers, and university educated intellectuals What was the primary objective of Spanish explorers in the Northwest? Gold
In the 1570s, what were England's objectives in the Western Hemisphere? To find the northwest passage and harass the Spanish
The group that wished to cleanse the Church of England of popish abuses was called the? Puritans
Which of the following 16th Century European religious groups was the most socially and politically radical? Anabaptists
The first successful permanent British colony in North America was located at? Plymouth Massachusetts
The financing of the Virginia settlement came from:
A Joint-Stock company
The beginnings of representative-government in the European settlements in North America can be found in: Virginia
Which of the following events is out of chronological order? The founding of St. Augustine
What was the purpose of the Mayflower Compact?
To establish a civil government
John Smith Succeeded in Jamestown because he successfully defeated all neighboring Native American Tribes. False
After 15 years, the Virginia colony still faced serious problems, including corrupt local officials who defrauded the shareholders. True
The French, Dutch, and Swedish settlements in North America were similar in that they all existed mainly to engage in fur trading. True
New Netherland was characterized by religious and ethnic uniformity. False
Jacksonville Florida was the location of a successful early French settlement. False
The typical English immigrant to the American was
The Pilgrims migrated to New England mainly in search of?
Religious Freedom
What was described as a "city upon a hill"
Mass. Bay Colony
Puritan society was organized around
The Family
The Native American population in New England was reduced by all of the following factors except?

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