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Me llamo:Fecha:
Unit 3 Mini project -> Presentación oral

TASK: Describe in Spanish what you were like when you were a small child and draw/include a series of pictures that illustrate your sentences.

A.Think about what you were like when you were a small child, what things you used to do, and what things you weren’t allowed to do. Then, complete the following sentences.

1.Cuando era niño(a), era ___________________________ y ___________________ [adjectives].

2. Yo jugaba con _________________________________________________________ [noun(s)].

3. Me gustaba jugar ______________________________________________________. [noun]

4. Yo tenía que ____________________________________________________________ [infinitive verb phrase].

5. Mis padres no me permitían _____________________________________________ [infinitive verb phrase].

B. On a separate sheet of paper in blue/black pen or typed, write a paragraph using the information from Part A. You may also add additional details/information (Yo vivía…/Iba a la escuela…)

Cuando era niño(a),yo era obediente. Yo jugaba con mis amigos. Me gustaba jugar con mi triciclo. Yo tenía que portarme bien. Mis padres no me permitían saltar en la cama.

C. In complete sentences in English, explain why you are using the imperfect tense.

D. Add visuals to support the text in your paragraph.

E. Be prepared to present to your groups.

You may use your notes and online dictionaries to look up information but do not use translation websites for large sections of text.

You will be graded according to the below rubric:
| |Needs improvement |Satisfactory |Exceeds expectations | |Content |Incomplete paragraph |Includes complete paragraph |Includes complete paragraph about | | | |about childhood with...
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