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¿Cuál es tu punto de vista sobre la pureza lingüística y el caso del “Spanglish”? ¿Crees que los idiomas están en constante evolución o que deberíamos preservar su forma “original”? Reflexiona sobre las consecuencias de ambas posibilidades. * Real academia español

* La américa latina
* Octavio paz
* Es demasiado difícil preservar la idioma en su estado original * Con la desarrollo de la tecnología tenemos palabras como ‘chatear’ ‘el maus’ etc. * Conclusión – ‘spanglish no va a desaparecer y tenemos que aceptarlo, el español es diferente desde 100 anos.

Linguistically speaking, Spanglish is no better or worse than its constituent parts: Spanish and English. That is, if it serves the function of communication and is rule governed, it is, quite simply, a language.

There is little doubt that Spanglish is here to stay and will continue to evolve in order to meet the needs of its speakers. In essence, ‘only dead languages are never changing’

Spanglish is considered by some linguistics a threat for the linguistic purity of English and Spanish mutualy. Ilan Stanvans quotes in his article that the Nobel Prize-winner Octavio Paz once have said about Spanglish: “Ni es bueno ni es malo, sino adominable”. Analyzing this statement is possible to comprehend the prejudice connected with this language. There is a jargon about Spanish: part Spanish and part English, with neither gravitas nor clear identity. The purists claim a language that would turn into a “ McLengua      “. Nevertheless Spanglish is quiet controversial since there is in one side a huge community of defenses of language purity, on the another side there is a Latino community amalgamating both language to feel integrated equally in the new society without losing the cultural heritage. Language is the most democratic form of expression of the human spirit. Voy a hablar de la pureza lingüística y el caso del ‘spanglish’ y su importancia en la sociedad. Para comenzar pienso que es...
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