Space Traveler: Zach Granger

Topics: Luck, Death, Space exploration Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Space traveler now Dead?!
Space traveler Zach Granger had a tragic death leaving behind his 4 daughters and 2 sons Serenity, Allison, Harry, Jeff, and Chloe. His children range from ages 4 months-7 years. Authorities claim he died from the launch of Starship 4.Alonzo and his men: Berry Jones, Paul Snider, and Benjamin Bender used counterfeit identities to trick Zach. Video tapes revealed that Granger had trusted Alonzo Aznar more than he should have and let him pack his lunch while he got ready and went on the simulator. Instead of checking to see what it looked like Zach rushed out of the door and the consequence is he gets killed. When the rest of the crew realized he was dead they contacted the mission control crew back on Earth which immediately landed the shuttle. Then they contacted the Crime Scene Investigators that examined the seen and scanned the food which passed the test as positive. The food was 98% poison from an inland or western taipan which is only the most deadly snake in the world and it got 100 times stronger since 2013. The C.S.I team currently blames Alonzo and his men for the death of every ones favorite astronaut Zach Granger so Alonzo and his men are spending the rest of their lifetime in jail but luckily they don’t have any family they’re leaving behind so they won’t be missed. Also their permanent record reveals that this is their 10th visit to jail. Zach’s funeral will be held between City Hall and the Cemetery. Wish his family good luck and that they will never forget their #1 astronaut Zach Granger.
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