Space Trash

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Deep Space Disposal

"Why not just get rid of radioactive waste and other trash by simply shooting it into space?" This question has passed peoples lips before but has never been a major subject. I personally think that this would work perfectly; it would eliminate the need to dispose of trash in other, more harmful ways. It would also reduce the litter and trash that is literally covering our planet. Sure there are facilities that specialize in getting rid of trash. There are even whole companies whose job it is to eliminate trash. But how fast are they going? Are these efforts by various groups enough to stop or even stem the flow of trash from all branches of the consumer markets? Simply blasting all the trash into deep space could possibly eliminate these factors and dispose of the trash and toxic waste in a way that would not even harm anything on Earth. The process wouldn’t even use human involvement; computers can determine the course of trash if it is done right and safely dispose of it far enough away from Earth to be forgotten about. Blasting trash and toxic/radioactive waste into the endless void known as space would benefit our planet’s surface by keeping it cleaner as well as our planets atmosphere.

A very large percentage of the Earths population does not even know where their trash goes once it is out of their house, hand, or possession. If somebody throws a piece of trash on the ground where does it end up? Once trash is disposed of it usually ends up in one of two major places. It ends up in either some type of factory that burns up trash or it ends up in a landfill/ junkyard to just sit there and be harmful. Trash that ends up in factories that burns it to get rid of it becomes toxic in the form of smoke. When anything burns it lets off smoke, so what happens if something toxic such as plastic burns? Well, when toxic things burn they produce toxic smoke that than rises into the sky. That exact toxic smoke can be inhaled by humans and animals. When this happens it is possible that the smoke can cause long term and short term effects such as asthma to humans. Other irregularities can occur from breathing in toxic smoke as well. Not only would the smoke be harmful to Earths living humans and creatures but it would also be harmful to our beautiful planet as a whole. When smoke is released where does it go? It goes straight up into the atmosphere where it stays there in the form of planetary pollution. This in turn leads to what is possibly going on now; our planet is so polluted it is starting to directly affect our temperature, trapping hot air in Earth’s atmosphere with a thick layer of pollution. Now the other way to dispose of trash mentioned above is piling it into landfills. Landfills are usually safe due to strict regulation by our government, but there is no complete harmless, perfectly sanitary and safe way to dispose of trash. A landfill is pretty much a massive pile of trash collected and stored, usually outdoors, simply because there is nothing else to do with the trash. Although the trash has been crushed and is being maintained in one area, it still possesses a threat to wild life. Animals can also become curious about landfills and be harmed, there are plenty of smells and sights that could potentially attract animals. Birds especially are heavily impacted by trash. Birds eat trash and then that trash just sits in their stomach causing complications and eventually they die. Also birds and other animals can be strangled by exploring trash or choke on trash lodged in their mouths. All these problems can be avoided by simply blasting it all into space where it will not affect animals, humans, or our atmosphere.

Outer space is a big place, where exactly would all the trash go? Well, if the trash and toxic waste were blasted far enough into space nobody would even know the answer to that question exactly, deep space is a mysterious place that is still being explored...
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