Space Traders

Topics: United States, White American, African American Pages: 3 (1277 words) Published: September 8, 2007
I would contend that the story that professor Bell presented is pretty tangible and plausible. I am not saying that we can pull certain historical event that much the extremity of Prof. Bell's story, but we can find certain events that can approximately fit the Space Trade event. The space traders were extraterrestrials that came from some part of the galaxy, to communicate to the American leaders that they can save their country from the debts, pollution and the lack of fossil fuel. But in return these aliens wanted to collect all African-Americans and take them back to their home land. The white American leaders and much more than half of the white population, saw this opportunity as to gain resources that can ease up their homeland issues, and that African Americans will finally be removed from this white dominated country. The exploitation of African American is evident once again in keeping the country running and prospering. This story exemplifies white American supremacy and that after centuries and decades of fighting inequality, people's point views about different races have not changed much. The elite of this country, the one's who make or break the laws, the one's who decide on the outcomes of the most important issues are still dominated by the white audience. The elite as described in this story and also in real life are not worried about society as a whole and the consequences of their actions; all they weary about is money gain, power and control. Most of the high authoritative figures in the story; for example the president always keeps a minority figure inside the circle, so that any criticism of maltreatment of minorities could be justified. The irony is that most minorities believe that even their own people, who are among the elite, are betraying them which most of time is not the case. The truth is that the small minority proportion that exists is trying to do right by its people, under the curtain. For example, Golightly was part of the...
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