Space & Place

Topics: Marketing, Business, Customer service Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Space & Place
Fabian D. Benson
BUS620: Managerial Marketing
Instructor:  Sharif Muhammad
11 June 2012

Marketing as we know it is constantly changing with the use of technology and new resources. Individuals, businesses, companies, and firms are becoming more in-tune with better ways to increase their chances to gain customers and to give them what they want. Marketing has become more so about targeting, “What the people want”. Companies are going above and beyond to cater to the consumer and customer. Marketing managers are researching new technologies to bring to the forefront and developing new ideas for companies to explore. In the pass customers and consumers were accustom to in place businesses and now they are getting use to (space) or digital business.

As we know it there are individuals who believe in the phrase “If it is not broke don’t fix it”, these are the customers and consumers that are not convened with the ease of technology. Majority of these customers are the older generation who are stuck in their ways and are comfortable with how they do their business. These individuals prefer the in place business, they would rather shop in the stores, pay by use of cash, and not get caught up in anything technical. Some individuals who are accustom to a certain style shy away from the digital word, this is from lack of knowledge about how the digital world works. With the technology getting better there are still some glitches in the systems: 1) internet hackers 2) identity theft 3) lost transactions, and 4) failure to provide customer service via internet or phone. These four points are very important to consumers who have been around for quite some time.

Since the 1990 businesses have discovered that it is more than one way to market their products and service and make it easier for the customer to save time, money, and have less hassle. This is where companies have moved to (digital) or internet marketing; the goal of this...
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