Space Exploration

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Funding Space Exploration
ENG122: English Composition II

Funding Space Exploration

There are many issues that occur within our planet such as the so called upcoming war with North Korea, animal extinction, economy issues, lack of jobs, etc. that needs attention and a well thought out plan so it can be dealt with. The subject area that I will be discussing is based on Science, Health and Environmental Issues. The main topic I will be discussing and debating on the issue whether or not should the United States continue to fund space exploration even though we have our own matters to attend on planet Earth. My research project includes with the supporting point of view, the un-supporting point of view, ending with my personal opinion towards which is more worldwide beneficial. People Supporting Space Exploration:

Based on the National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) for the year 2013 every year billions of American tax dollars goes to space exploration. Statistics and further more information on what exactly the funds are being used can be found the resourceful and update webpage A lot of people believe that the money we use to fund space projects can be used for a more economical relevant cost, such as helping Africa, or helping our own economy. But in fact funding space projects does help our economy. Space exploration creates jobs; it employs engineers, mechanics, astronauts, highly educated scientist and many more. Billions of taxpayer dollars goes to NASA but in reality NASAs budget is less than 1% of the national budget. United States spends about 20 billion dollars on air-conditioning tents in Afghanistan opposed to the 19 billion dollar budget that NASA has.  Although NASA is collecting billions a year, that money doesn’t go to waste. NASA has designed a new type of technology called vortex combustion, which makes rockets fly further, faster with...
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