Space and Place

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October 17, 2014
Devereux Hall : The Melting Pot of Life at Bona's
Devereux Hall , commonly known as Dev, is one of the oldest buildings on St. Bonaventure University's campus. Being one of Bona's oldest buildings on campus, the antique look creates character for this building. Today , the old brick building stands tall , with a new wing added on. The ivy leaves creep up slowly reaching the top. The innermost parts and archways of Dev , opens up to a beautiful courtyard. Though the oldest , it still has a pull on the students , remaining the most popular. The character and energy of Dev, invites students and visitors in to enjoy its unique qualities. In Liz Swanson's “Architecture, Experience and Meaning”, she writes that “materials may be chosen specifically for their ability to communicate outside of conventionally established connotations –--again a sign of the times.” Devereux Hall is a social melting pot for the students that pass throughout its hallways , because of its rich history and impact on Bona's campus.

(Fig. 1)
Devereux to this day has had very little to no upgrades made to its structure. Some renovations and maintenance may have been done to the inside but not on the outside. Dev itself is almost like a landmark , standing tall throughout the times and through the ghost stories. The hall itself has been victim to many ghost folklore , over the years . One particular story that makes Dev what it is today is , the story of the 5th floor. Many rumors circulate around 5th Dev , the one of the black mass gives Devereux Hall even more character than it already has . The Friedsam Library Archives states, the story is that students and residents of Dev, went to the fifth floor and performed a black mass . It is believed that these students conjured some bad spirits and that is the reason why 5th Dev is closed (Archives). However, a theology and paranormal activity professor , by the name of Fr. Alphonsus Trabold proves the thought of Dev...

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