Spa Marketing Plan

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The Smart Card

Marketing Plan

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary3

1.1Marketing Objectives3
1.2Products and Services4
1.3Projected Outcomes4

2.0 Product/Service Description4

2.1 Description of Product/Service5
2.2 Features and Benefits5
2.3 Competitive Advantages7
2.4 Value Proposition8

3.0 Markets8

3.1 Market Description8
3.2 Market Segments8
3.3 Target Market(s)9

4.0 Competition10

4.1 Current and/or Potential Competitors11
4.2 Competitor’s Advantage13

5.0 Pricing Strategy14

5.1 Pricing Strategy14
5.2 Pricing Entry Strategy15
5.3 Future Trends in Pricing16

6.0 Channels, Advertising, and Sale Promotions16

7.0 Financials19

7.1 Sales Forecast20
7.2 Expense Forecast20
7.3 Break Even Analysis20
7.4 Profit & Loss Statement22


Executive Summary

Mouse Trap Company was hired by Entourage Inc. to market The Smart-Check-in-Card (SCiC). The Smart Check in Card will allow hotels to automatically check in their customers when they walk in through the doors. With a quick scan of the Smart Check-in Card, the guest will be able to check in, receive a room number, and the same card will allow that person access to the hotel room. The Smart Check in Card will first be marketed to major hotel chains during hotel conventions throughout the country in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Houston. The goal is to get 500 hotels within the United States to start using The Smart Check in Card. The plan will include a check-in kiosk that will allow the customer to check-in, smart cards, customer support for the hotels, the software to link the system to the hotel’s reservation network, and marketing support. We will need to contract the kiosks, the creation of the smart cards, and a software engineer to create the software.

2 Marketing Objectives

Our objectives are to inform as many hotel managers and executives about the Smart-Check-in-Card and the services provided, to provide a product/service of high standards, and to have individuals request the Smart Card by name. We intend to get every hotel to promote this product as a special perk for frequent hotel guests.

The marketing channels that will be used will include convention centers, magazines, billboards and one-on-one meetings. This is a very customizable product and we expect the customer to be impressed with the technology and our service.


3 Products and Services

The Smart-Check-in-Card by Entourage Inc. will be a mixture of product and service. The card will allow ease of access to hotel guests while allowing hotels to offer a quick and easy way to check-in. In addition to providing the card and the kiosks we will be providing customer support.

4 Projected Outcomes

In the short term, we expect to get the word out and introduce the Smart Card technology to hoteliers. We then plan to sell the product/service to major hotel chains so that they can distribute the Smart Card amongst their many branches. At this rate, we expect to make a profit within three years. By selling an estimated 500 kiosks a year we plan to cover our variable costs and eventually make a profit in year three. In the long run, we expect every major chain to require their branches to carry the Smart Card and the check-in system.

2.0 Product/Service Description
The Smart Check-In Card
Most people don’t like to wait in line especially when they are tired from traveling several hours to get to their destination. These people would favor a speedy check-in process that would allow them to get in their rooms with no hassle. Based on this need, our organization came up with a Smart Check-In Card which is not only a fantastic way to avoid waiting and preserve privacy but also an interesting mean of saving for hotels and timeshares when it comes to employee wages....
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