Sp02 Monitor Competitor Analysis

Topics: Medical device, Battery, Price Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Competitive Analysis

We selected the three leading emergency response service devices as well as two comparable SPO2 devices that offer the SPO2 feedback we expect from our project. The first SPO2 device IdealLife does not offer the continuous monitoring we are proposing and the Oxitone IP is lacking the 24/7 monitoring service. Our project seeks to satisfy all the needs of current consumers looking to monitor SPO2 levels for patients as well as offer the emergent response should patients need assistance. Table 1

We chose to analyze device pricing in two separate categories, we grouped both initial device cost and set fees into one category and placed monthly service cost in the other. The overall pricing for each unit was estimated over a period of 5-8 years in order to rank our competitors overall pricing. Competitor pricing has been taken into account to generate unit cost caps and generate an ideal value and matching technology that will afford our project optimal battery life or recharging capability. Table 2

Our competitors with the conventional fingertip sensors suffer from technology that limits applications to fingertip motionless spot checks only. Other competitors units that are designed for emergency response only come with varied prices for 24/7 monitoring services per month that can become costly over time. As our understanding of the applicable technology grew, we selected additional competitors to add to our Matrix. It is imperative to add the Nonin branded products as this company has captured a great deal of the market share in the past. This competitor may be waiting for the right opportunity to join the race in the wrist worn device category. Another competitor added to our final matrix is Masimo, this brand has been used for clinical testing comparison and must therefore be evaluated fully to understand their competitive edge in the market. The data for the Mosimo and Oxitone models will need further evaluation, as...
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