Sowt Case of Intel Corp

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Intel Corp SWOT Case Study

Business 520

Intel is the world’s prominent and largest semiconductor chip making company. The company develops advanced integrated digital technology products, primarily integrated circuits, for computing and communications industries. Intel primarily operates in the Taiwan, China, and the US. It is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and employs 79,800 people. The company began its operations in the year 1968 and has continued to grow at a good pace since. They make up the markets 80% of the microprocessors while their top competitor makes up 17%. (corporate timeline) Strengths

A company that is as strong as Intel must have a lot of strengths in it. One of their strengths is that they are a global company that has loyal customers. They were and still are a dominate and pioneering company in the computer processor business. They are constantly paving the way for the next graphic processor and computing chips. Intel is the world’s largest semiconductor chip producer based on revenue. They merge chip design with the best processing and capabilities on the market. They have been placed given awards and been recognized for being influential in the technology world. They are one of the biggest and most successful companies in the world and the main hardware supplier for the PC business. (SWOT) Weaknesses

Intel has been used to divisive strategies to use in defense its market position against its competitors. After 200 Intel’s leading position in core processor business was reduced. They have decreased revenue in the year of 2008. In 2006 they lost 10,500 companies. Compared to their competitors their retail prices are considerably higher. They are missing out on fields such as the mobile processor market. (SWOT)

The company could be more customer-oriented because every company prefers customer service and a company that will be willing to cater to...

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