Southwest Compared to Newengland Colonies

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Colonialism, Economy Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Differences Between the Two Sets of Colonies

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized”. This quote clearly can be compared with both the Spanish Southwest Colonies and the New England Colonies. In both cases the New World brought a chance for just that, a new world. Although both were derived sets of colonies were created because of opportunity, both sets of colonies have substantial differentiating factors. There are several differences between the Spanish Southwest and the English Colonies of New England. These differences are present in the areas of politics, religion, and economic development. Politics is by far the area with the most substantial differences.

Both the New England Colonies and the Spanish Southern Colonies had many differences in their economies. One key difference is the foundation of the two economies and how they affected Europe. The economy of the Spanish Southern Colonies boomed very quickly because there was so much opportunity for riches with the precious metals that could be found in the new world. Hope of prosperity was also their main reason for coming to the New World unlike the English Colonists who let the economy take a back seat to both religion and politics. Although the Spanish Southwest colonies had more importance placed on the Economy they had much less natural resources available to them. Another difference was that the English colonies had a much more diversified economy. They had several components to their economy such as fishing, hunting, fur, and trading; whereas the southern colonies economy relied on their one true resource which was soil. Also, a component that effected the economic development was the growing potential that the soil carried in each region. The southern colonies were blessed with fertile soil in their entire region which made growing staple crops such as tobacco easy and gave them something they were able to rely on and use to gain even more wealth. The New England colonies...
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