Southwest Airlines

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Jianxin Bi(Bob) 2/26/2012
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Can't Decide On The IPhone 5? Here's What It's Good For:1/25/2013 To rock the bargain boots or go all out for a pair of Uggs? To drink Absolut or indulge in some Grey Goose? To keep the iPhone 4 or splurge on the iPhone 5? It’s no secret that the more enticing retail options tend also to be the pricier ones. So before impulsively buying the latest trends, it’s fair to question whether or not item quality substantiates price, or if exterior glitz and media hype is attracting customers and sales. For Smartphone owners, the cellular phone is an integral part of daily life — putting people, places, websites, and games at our fingertips. The decision to change up the appearance, feel, or functionality of our technological best buddy is a big step — not only financially but also personally. Having been out for four months, it’s now safe to assume that users of Apple’s iPhone 5 have had time to get used to the device and experience the ways in which it differs from previous models. Some people love it and others emphatically do not. Whether or not it will make for a worthwhile purchase depends on your personal preferences and requisites. In terms of external design and appearance, here are the new model’s key features: - It’s lighter, weighing in at just 3.9 ounces, while the previous model is 4.8 ounces. It is slimmer, at 7.6 millimeters thick instead of 9.3 millimeters. - It has an anodized aluminum exterior, as opposed to stainless steel. This makes it softer, smoother, and lighter, but also more prone to cosmetic damages. - It’s taller, with a half-inch of added height to the screen. This allows for an extra row of icons, but of course fitting the device into your pocket might not fly anymore. Still can’t decide whether the new external design is awkwardly tall or smooth and sleek? Perhaps understanding the internal design changes will help to determine if this phone is worth the extra...
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